Monday, April 30, 2012

Dice Tower Gaming Awards 2011

Tom Vasel has asked his horde of minions podcast listeners to promote the Dice Tower Gaming Awards for 2011. Being a gullible loyal listener, I gladly post a link to the list of nominees, which includes many fine games for game enthusiasts or game novices, for adults and children, for brainy people and brain-hungry zombies. If you want to find a new, fun, and interesting game, this list has got you covered. There's all sorts of categories from family games to war games to party games to game expansions, etc. etc.

His hope is that the awards will become the American equivalent of the Spiel des Jahres awards, recognizing gaming excellence and recognized as a valuable source for the best in gaming from that year. Look for the Dice Tower logo to show up on game boxes in years to come!

Even though no zombie games received any nominations (if only they had their own category!), we wish the nominees the best of luck and look forward to seeing who will win.

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