Monday, April 9, 2012

Grandmama's 78th Birthday

During our visit to America, we went to my mom's house for an extended weekend of fun including the celebration of my mom's 78th birthday. We drove out on a Thursday after play date and had fun visiting. Cousin Autumn and her mom (who is my sister, so Autumn is cousin to Jacob and Lucy) came out that afternoon to hang out with us. We had a lot of fun wandering around the town and went several times to the massive local playground, which will have its own post soon.

Cousins Autumn and Lucy enjoying indoor fun

My brother John drove down from New Jersey to celebrate with us (mental note: we must visit Old Jersey while we are here in the UK). Seeing him was great fun.

Jacob explains to Uncle John how to play games on the cell phone

We took my mom out to a favorite local restaurant for a big Italian dinner. That night, live music started just as we were finishing up our dinners. Jacob, Lucy, and Grandmama enjoyed the harpist and his merry band of players. At one point, he asked for requests and they played us a couple of tunes.

Jacob ponders a new profession

When dinner was done, we returned home for desserts and presents. We brought some stuff from England for my mom, including a tea towel that shows all the Yorkshire cathedrals and abbeys, a jar of yummy preserves, and the first season of Moonlighting, a favorite TV show from long ago. She received many other wonderful presents too.

Lucy helps open presents...

...Autumn helps too!

Oh yeah, there are some Yorkshire biscuits (cookies) in the green tin

Even more exciting than presents was Grandmama's favorite birthday cake: carrot cake with peanut butter icing. Jacob and Lucy both enjoyed their slices.

Lucy loves icing/frosting the most

Jacob loves it all. No, he really does!

We had fun celebrating and seeing all our family in person.

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