Sunday, April 29, 2012

Game Review: Zombie Dice Expansion

I don't own this expansion, I just heard about it on the Dice Tower Podcast. Nevertheless, the rules and photos are available on the game's web page, so I thought I'd throw in my two cents (or two pence, since we are in England). The original Zombie Dice game is reviewed by me here.

The expansion is zombie-movie themed, adding three new dice to the game: The Hero, The Hottie, and Santa Claus. In Big Summer Action Movie, take out two yellow dice and add in The Hero and The Hottie (both black dice, though The Hottie has pink icons). The hero has a double shotgun symbol, so you might take extra damage; he also has a double brain symbol because getting him is like a two-for-one deal. The Hottie has three feet, so she can run, two shotguns (though no double shotgun), and a single brain. The extra twist is "rescuing," where The Hunk or The Hottie can save the other one. If The Hunk roles a shotgun while the Hottie is "brains up" she gets pulled out of the brain pile and back into the draw cup. The Hottie can save The Hunk in the same way.

In Santa Claus Meets the Zombies, take out a green die and replace it with Santa's red die. Santa has some special gifts: a helmet that lets the player take four shotguns to die (you're a tougher zombie); an energy drink that lets the player turn green Feet die into Brains (you're a faster zombie); double brains means Santa brought the player his favorite gift (BRAAAAIINNSSS!); and the three regular side (footprints, shotgun, single brain (i.e., you ate Santa's brain)). So Santa brings even more variety to the game.

Direct-To-Video Sequel adds all three dice to the game. Santa joins in on the rescuing action, though he doesn't get rescued if he gave the player double brains as a gift.

This expansion sounds like a fun way to mix-up a regular game of Zombie Dice. If you are a frequent player, you'd probably enjoy this. We don't own this yet, but I will definitely add it to my wish list.

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