Friday, April 27, 2012

Library Easter Storytime

Back in England we had a story time just before Easter that involved big fun in many varieties.

The stories were bunny-themed. One that the librarian read was a book we had just returned the week before, My Friend Rabbit. It's about a mouse and a rabbit who get their airplane stuck in a tree and have to make a huge pile of animals to get it back. It was nonsensical but fun.

The craft was painting little eggs. Lucy was more interested in this activity than Jacob was. She especially liked choosing different colors:

Don't choose the white until you have a base coat!

While the paint dried, we went outside to break a pinata. As we were walking out, the string came loose and the pinata turned from a hanging item to a floor item. Outside, the decision was made to kick it until it came open. The youngest children started first so that they would get at least one kick in. Turns out it wasn't a problem as it was a rather sturdy pinata and almost everybody (including adults) got to take a shot at it.

Lucy goes to take her shot

The other Lucy tries her best

Jacob is unsure

One of the librarians shows Jacob how to get a really good kick in

Ultimately, the pinata let out its delightful insides, mostly little toys. Happily we returned inside for some more craft work.

Since the paint was not dry, we went back outside for another round of fun. This time the librarian played "Red Light, Green Light" with the kids. Jacob was more interested in this than Lucy was. He had a lot of enthusiasm though he did get caught once when the librarian said "Yellow light" instead of "Green light." To be fair, most of the kids were tricked by this subterfuge.

Ready to begin

First red light of many

Jacob was extra excited this time

We had a lot of fun and a long nap after such a great library story time.

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