Thursday, April 12, 2012

Savage Business

After our weekend with Grandmama and that side of the family, we returned to our hotel for another week of Maryland fun. One day we went to visit some of our old haunts. A favorite area is Savage, Maryland. It has a fabulous playground, the historic Savage Mill, and our favorite branch of the Howard County Public Library.

The playground is one that we have visited many times before. Jacob and Lucy were happy to visit again. We were supposed to meet Auntie Rosemary but she was running late. A good time was had nonetheless.

Jacob faces the iron rings

Sliding on more than one slant

Lucy faces the iron rings

I guess these are iron tear drops?

Posing for a picture

The favorite twisty slide (pardon my shadow)

Easy as pie for Jacob

Lucy still loves swings

We left the playground and headed over to Savage Mill for a snack and to visit our favorite game store, The Family Game Store. Just before we drove off, we gave Rosemary a call. She was on her way and would meet us at the Mill.

Our snack was provided by the fabulous bakery Bonaparte. We had some tasty confections. Lucy saw something that looked chocolate with little buttons of chocolate on top. Jacob shared his macaroon with me. While we dined, Rosemary walked in and joined us at one of the little round tables. We had fun catching up with her. She had fun helping Lucy eat her chocolate snack. Fortified for our next adventure, we proceeded to The Family Game Store.

The store was quiet for a weekday morning. The lady at the counter greeted us and we had a nice chat. Jacob wanted to explore, so we wander along the shelves, eventually taking the stairs up to the playing room. We walked through there and discovered a "secret" exit into a painting studio. This led us onto the second floor (first floor if you're from the UK) of the Mill. The elevator took us back down to the ground floor. We surprised Rosemary and Lucy by wandering back into the store through the front entrance. Jacob loved this trip so much, we did it two more times.

Time somehow slipped away from us and suddenly it was lunch time. I made a quick purchase of a small card game (Set which is a fun game and has a luggage-friendly size) and we were on our way to the hotel for some lunch and nap time.

Visiting the library again would have to come later in the week (and later in the blog!).

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