Saturday, April 28, 2012

Valley Gardens Reborn

This Easter saw another "in a mirror dimly" reflection of the Resurrection when the castle at Valley Gardens was reopened. The castle had burned down in the Fall of 2011 due to some malicious teenagers (who were apprehended and punished). A fundraising campaign followed. Enough money was raised to rebuild a new play area.

The week before Easter we went to Valley Gardens and made the happy discovery:

The castle is rebuilt!

Though it was not completely happy.

That's why no one is playing on it during a sunny UK day!

That day the kids played on the bouncy castle, which is a favorite of Jacob's. It reminds him of Jump!Zone and PumpItUp back in Maryland.

Flintstones and castles don't seem like a proper mix to me

Jacob belly-flops the slide

Siblings bouncing around the nondescript castle

We also appreciated the various signs of Spring approaching.

One of the "garden" parts of Valley Gardens

Blooming trees!

During the week after Easter, we had a fun morning that started at the library. I brought my camera figuring we'd be at Valley Gardens afterward. Jacob and Lucy wanted their picture taken again in the "statue niche" by the stairs inside the library. I obliged.

Chillin' at the library

After collecting some good books we proceeded to the playground. Jacob loved the new castle. It was a bit too challenging for Lucy, who played on other climbers and swings. The new castle hogged up all the picture taking, unfortunately.

Jacob begins his exploration

A nice and wobbly bridge

A new, crazy climber didn't stop Jacob

The castle's backside (so to speak)

Jacob and Lucy were very excited for a fun day at the resurrected playground. Now if the weather would just get a little warmer (we know better than to hope for a little dryer).

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