Wednesday, April 25, 2012

End of Our American Trip

Our last day in America was a fun day, in spite of having no transportation and staying at a hotel in the middle of little office complexes.

We had left behind some luggage and my ukelele with friends. Amy and Colin came over at breakfast time to deliver our stuff and hang out for a while. We had good fun eating American breakfast standards from the buffet (including our last chance at fresh-made waffles). The breakfast area was jam-packed with high schoolers. Maybe they were in the area to see the cherry blossoms blooming in DC? The hotel was pretty far from downtown DC if that was the case. We never did figure out what they were up to. Amy and Colin had to leave around 8:30, which meant we had some time to explore office-topia.

Apparently, office workers like outdoors exercise. Across the street from our hotel we discovered a "health trail" that had some obstacles just like Jacob loves. We tried it out.

Fighting over who gets the balance beam first

Another good find was a little cafe in an office building. We were able to buy a snack and eat it outside in the glorious sunshine and warm weather that we anticipated not experiencing back in England for several months.

Back at the hotel, we finished packing while Jacob had a quick sandwich (thanks again, Amy, for providing a peanut butter and raisin sandwich!) and lucy did a last bit of dress up.

Jacob loves his sandwich

But with the blast shield down, I can't even see!

Lucy is ready for some colder, UK weather

We checked out and took the hotel shuttle to the airport. Checking in was no problem, getting through security was no problem, waiting around for the plane to take off was no problem. How did we depart without a hitch? I don't know.

The flight was to Newark and then to Manchester. Even Newark wasn't a problem. The law of averages finally worked in our favor, I suppose. Driving back from the UK airport to home was quick (it was a Saturday morning, so traffic was minimal). We experienced the joy of returning to our home and the sadness of ending our trip. Joy was the stronger emotion though, since we were a bit worn out from all the adventures we had.

Not that we stopped having adventures when we got home… more on that in a later posting!

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