Friday, April 13, 2012

Savage Again

On our last full day in Maryland, we had to go back to the library to return some books we borrowed and have one last round of fun. The day was St. Patrick's Day eve, so you know the story time was extra fun.

We arrived before the library opened and walked over to a nearby playground (yes, there are more than one). Clearly we hadn't visited enough playgrounds this trip. Just ask Jacob or Lucy. We have fond memories of this playground because we found a bird's nest in the top corner of one of the climbers. The nest is gone but the memory lives on.

Overview of the playground

Lucy climbs like a pro!

Jacob climbs on the other side

The playground also has a map of the United States, a helpful reminder of home for curious minds. Lucy didn't correctly identify where we were but she did know the letters across the top. Just not what they meant when taken all together.

No, we're a little to the right, Lucy!

The library was finally open so we headed back across the street. Fetching our books from the car, we headed in. Story time started in five minutes, so we had a chance to copy some pages from one of the library's books that we wanted to keep. They were potty-training charts, if you must know. Then story time started.

The leader of story time was one of our favorite librarians, Miss Ellie (though Jacob claims Miss Jessica is his personal favorite). Rainbows and leprechauns were the theme. We had some fun rainbow songs and stories and ended with a craft making leprechaun hats.

Irish eyes are smiling, if not open!

It was lots of fun for the kids and me to chat with Miss Ellie. Jacob showed how much he's grown up by agreeing to get a hand stamp (on both hands, no less!). We do miss the library quite a lot and all the great story times we've attended. Of course, there was a fabulous Easter story time here in England about which I will post a blog soon enough. At least as soon as I get through the American trip!

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