Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Playground in Essen, Germany

While I went to the second day of the game convention in Essen, my wife took J and L on adventures. They wound up at a fun playground where they became superheroes and made friends.

The first thing to catch their eye was the large train engine.

L tries to board the train

The side view of the locomotive

J was eager to get on board and decided to practice his Ninja Warrior techniques.

Boarding like Makoto Nagano

He made it!

Did they jail him for improper boarding procedure?

J, like the A-Team, soon broke out of the maximum security prison and headed for the engine room of the locomotive.

J at the wheel

Looking out

Meanwhile, L tried out the nearby alligator, who was nice enough to let her ride.

L fixes her shoe

Comin' at ya!

J headed off to the spider climber in the back of the above picture for some action and adventure.

The spectacular Spider-J!

Web-head close-up

Joined by L

Ready to fight crime, or just hang out

L is a charmer

After exploring all the playground equipment, the kids started playing hide and seek.  Counting loudly to 20 alerted some of the other kids at the playground that we were speaking English. A girl of about 10 or 12 approached shyly and said hello and practiced a few phrases from her English lessons at school. Pretty soon her dad and sisters joined the fun, with various levels of English fluency but plenty of the international language of playground fun. It was really fun to make some new friends and to feel so welcomed.

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