Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Cheer (the Liquid Kind)

There weren't too many novelty Christmas beers this year, but I drank what I could. I'm sure I'll try something new for New Year's Eve tonight! Here's a few quick reviews...

First up is Bah Humbug from Wychwood Brewery. According to Jeff Drew, head brewer, "Brewed with the choicest hops and malt, lightly spiced with cinnamon, this is a rich ale complemented with subtle tones of dried fruit. To those who say the spirit of Christmas is a thing of the past - we say Bah Humbug! Don't be a miser - go on!...Enjoy yourself!"The flavor of cinnamon is dominate but not too overpowering. It's enjoyable but I like their Gingerbeard better than this, which is dominated by ginger. The flavor does have a nice festive quality. Half a liter is too much, this is best shared.

Second is Santa's Tipple from The Great Yorkshire Brewery. The label describes it as "A winter warmer from God's own country. A premium beer infused with vanilla, chocolate, orange and star anise." It is a very pleasant brew with great flavor. None of the flavors dominate, so the blend is good. A great drink for the cold weather.

Sadly, that's it for this year.

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