Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Rainbow Hike, Lakes District, England

Driving around one rainy morning in the Lakes District, we spotted a rainbow off in the distance. We decided to pull off and snap a photo if we could. A parking lot loomed on our left and we managed to stop in time to park there. But not in time to see the rainbow. Clouds covered the sun again and we were left with the option to hike down to the river or up the hill. We decided to go down hill first. Lake Thirlmere seemed like it would be more pleasant close up rather than from the hilltop. So off we went.

The path to the lake

As we walked along we heard the roaring of water in the trees. The path turned and we came to a spot where we could see water cascading down the hillside on its way to the lake. I lifted up L and then J for a look. My wife walked ahead five yards and found a spot where they could see without being lifted. We joined her. J loves waterfalls and fountains so he was very happy here.

Happy at the waterfall

Closer shot of the falls

Further down we came to another waterfall which was just as picturesque and just as challenging to see.

A second waterfall

A bit further down, J said he was getting tired which was a sure signal that we had to turn back. Going uphill is always tougher and we didn't want to do any carrying if we could avoid it. Our choice was rewarded with another break in the clouds resulting in another rainbow in the near distance.

The rainbow, almost visible to the camera!

As we passed the first waterfall, J couldn't resist another look. He could resist posing for the photo, however.

One last look

We made it back to the car without any problems (i.e. carrying) and were on our way to see other sights.

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