Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cosplay at Spiel 2013, Essen, Germany

One of the fun things at board game conventions is running into random people who have dressed up for the convention. They may dress up as comic book characters (I saw both Deadpool and Lady Deadpool), TV show characters, movie characters, game characters (board or video games--I saw the Pandemic gas mask guy and Sonic the Hedgehog), or some creative steampunk or fantasy concoction. Dressed up people are generally referred to as cosplayers and they love getting their picture taken. They are like celebrities--other attendees don't give them weird looks--we think they are cool! Here's a sampling...

Steampunk couple who came by the Firefly game

Steampunk/fantasy mash-up

Giant rats who didn't stay for a picture

The boy in the next picture is not J. If he had been with me, I would have made him pose. Possibly even hug R2-D2.

Battle of the cuteness

When I ran across these next two people, they were browsing at the store in the back of the picture. I said behind them, "Those are the best uniforms ever!" They turned around and agreed that they are indeed the best uniforms from all of Star Trek. They were proud to pose for a picture.

Best Star Trek uniforms ever

I will probably never go dressed up for a convention but I do admire and enjoy those who do.

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