Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas at the Library 2013

We went to a local library for their Christmas Carnival. It was right after the last day of school, so what could be better? We signed in at the front desk, where the children's hands were stamped and they were given tickets for the activities.

One activity was freeing stuffed animals from a cage. A child traded a ticket for a key to try in an old-style padlock.

Free the stuffed animals!

J gets King Henry VIII bear

L and the blue bear

Face painting was a popular activity, but not with J. L was glad to get a new butterfly on her cheek!

Getting face painted

Final results!

They also had a cake walk which L loved. She won the third time she played. Shamefully I was the one to draw the number--I drew my own daughter's number. No one accused me of impropriety.

L cake walks like a pro

Santa showed up halfway through the carnival. First he gave out little plastic elves. Then he read a story to the children. Finally, he had children tell him what they wanted for Christmas. When J and L told their names, Santa said, "Your feast day was a few days ago!" So Santa is definitely Catholic, I think!

Santa's story time

With Santa!

We had a great time at the library's Christmas Carnival!

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