Saturday, December 14, 2013

Fell Foot Park, Lake District, England

At the south end of Lake Windermere is Fell Foot Park, a National Trust site that is mostly parkland. Of course it has the usual tea shop and playground. We visited both.

The tea shop had some really good stuff. Bacon and sausage butties satisfied our hunger and gave us energy to explore the playground. On our way, we saw an unusual boat house and some barbeques that we couldn't quite figure out either.

The tea shop

Boat house with an interesting gate


The lake was quite picturesque if a bit high. The past day or two had been rainy, raising the level of the water. The boats didn't seem to mind.

Not much beach left

The kids led us quickly away from the boring lake to the exciting playground. It has a lot of the classics that the kids like--zip lines, bouncy riders, and various climbers.

L zips!

J zips!

Riding the duck

Rope ladder climber

Logs aplenty!

L is not quite tall enough for this one yet

New to us was the small maze perfect for their size.

L escapes the maze!

A hanging sailboat made things exciting for everyone. It was big enough for adults to get in. The three-point suspension made for some semi-realistic tossing sea motion.

L in a wobbling boat

J and L finished up their visit with a climb in a tree, which is part of their 50 Things to Do Before You're 11 and 3/4 challenge.

Separate but equal efforts

L happy to be free from shoes!

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