Friday, December 20, 2013

Children's Hall at the Spiel, Essen, Germany

The Spiel in Germany is not only a gigantic game fair for adults, it caters to children too. Some booths like Playmobile and Haba focused strictly on kids games.

Kids at the Playmobile booth (sorry for the blurry cell phone pics)

L and the cowboy

The convention also has a huge hall dedicated to entertaining children of all ages. My wife took the kids while I explored the games. The kids began with some arts and crafts involving little foam packing peanuts that were made from corn. The lady said they were edible and ate one! The kids tried it but said it didn't taste like anything. So they made art with it instead.

L has lots of choices

J enjoying the craft

Making them wet makes them stick!

A hat for J

After that, the kids were hungry so they had a little snack. L got lucky and had an ice cream cone before lunch!

L and her snack and her art

After lunch, they began building in the stick area, which seems like a million Jenga sets were left out for the creative edification of the children.

L near a tower

J sees a boat and wonders what to make...

Walk the plank!

A bouncy castle seems requisite for this type of area.

J and L sort of pose

Blur due to active kids more than to the camera

I was amazed when we met up in the children's hall how big it was!

Hall with booths and games for kids (switching to the proper camera!)

The other half of the hall

The main attraction of the hall was the bungee trampolines. J really wanted to go on but Mommy made him wait until I got there to take pictures with the good camera. Also, I wanted to see it too!

J harnesses up!

Up high!

Down low!

Watch this, Mommy!

L did a happy dance for J (or maybe in anticipation of her turn). She didn't bounce quite as high since she didn't weigh quite as much.

L's happy dance

L up high!

L also impresses Mommy!

I have some video of their trampoline antics too...

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