Thursday, December 26, 2013

Harrogate Christmas Market, England

After Mass on the first Sunday of Advent, we went to the Harrogate Christmas Market. When we first got there, it was early enough that it wasn't too crowded. That soon changed.

Harrogate Christmas Market

The stalls had the usual variety of foods, gifts, and oddball items.

Another row of stalls

A row of roasts

Several rows of lights

More stalls

Like last year, they did have Santa's Grotto with reindeer outside. J and L loved petting the deer and were happily ignorant of getting to see Santa.

Reindeer eating

Kids petting

More reindeer eating, they didn't seem interested in much else

We stopped in the food tent for lunch. L had a huge sausage roll (I had to help her finish it), my wife and I split a pork/stuffing/apple sauce sandwich, and J had some cheese and bread bought at one of the stalls. It was a satisfying meal. L decided she was still hungry after I finished her sausage roll and finagled a piece of cake out of us for dessert.

Food tent

The market also included some rides for children. At first, we parents only wanted them to ride one ride. J picked the roller coaster. L wanted to ride the teacups, but they weren't running. She joined J.

Sitting in their car

About as high as the "rollercoaster" got

We then saw the teacups start and L begged and begged and begged and begged and begged and begged. We finally gave in since the rides were cheap. J joined her on her ride, making a fun time for them both. We parents had fun giving their cup extra spin when it went by us.

Teacups empty no longer!

Ariel's cup!

Spinning and riding

We walked a little bit more through the market and came across the music stage, where the ukelele club from the local high school gave a performance.

Harrogate High School Ukelele singers

By this point, the market was extremely crowded and we planned to go home. On our way out, L started to beg for candy. We compromised and let them ride the airplanes. We figured it was better than getting extra sugar in them.

Ready to take off

Low flying

High flying

It was a fun visit to the market. We didn't buy anything but food (and some Ampleforth Abbey beer that was very inexpensive) and still had a great time.

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