Monday, December 9, 2013

Lake Windermere Ferry, England

On our way to Beatrix Potter's house in the Lake District (which will be the next post), we were fooled by our GPS into taking a ferry across Lake Windermere. Normally we would avoid toll roads and other expensive delays, but this was a little too far out of the way to do much backtracking. We got in the queue for the ride and dutifully paid our £4.30 for the car to ride across.

L just smiles for the camera

J ready to do something

We didn't have a long wait and could see the ferry coming for us.

Ferry approaching!

We climbed back into our car and then drove on board, where we promptly got out and looked around from the boat.

Car's-eye view

Ferry's-eye view

Other boats

Other ferry (passengers only, by the look of it)

We were across the lake and back on our way quickly, though we will definitely keep an eye on the GPS for future trips, especially if we visit the Lake District again!

If you want to read about a really scary ferry trip, try this xkcd comic

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