Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ferry to and from Germany

We took the overnight ferry for our trip to Germany to visit the Spiel, a massive board game fair. This ferry went to Rotterdam, The Netherlands (more about that country in future posts!). We took our car and drove to Germany. I wish I had some harrowing stories of driving a British car on the other side of the road but it wasn't that difficult. Plenty of traffic meant it was easy to pick the proper side of the road. I did have to buy some stickers to put on the headlights. Somehow that re-aimed them appropriately for continental driving. The occasional parking garage was a challenge since the "take a ticket" machine was on my passenger side. Luckily I always had a passenger to do the job (including paying for the ticket on the way out!).

The ferry itself seemed pretty standard to us. It had a large play area where J and L could run around without disrupting other passengers.

L by herself in the play area

The same cutout poster from the other boats!

In the early morning, no other kids or parents were there!

We packed dinner and breakfast, so we ate at the coffee shop area across from the play area.

After the boat arrived, we drove for a while and decided to stop for a snack. The exit we took only had one option:

I'm lovin' it...not.

On the way back, we bought food before getting on the boat, which meant we ate Gouda cheese from Gouda. My wife also bought some salami-looking sausage slices at the store. When we opened it we discovered it was this special uncooked beef sausage called Amsterdam Ossenworst. We weren't sure if it was okay to eat with our bread and cheese but we did it anyway. Turns out it was meant to be eaten uncooked.

Our return dinner (you can't really see the meat right above the cheese, sorry)

Getting home was no big deal. I remembered to peel off the headlight stickers and drive on the proper British side of the road. We arrived home safe and sound in time for lunch!

But more on Germany in the next couple of posts...

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