Monday, December 2, 2013

Ambleside, Lake District, England

For our trip to the Lake District, we stayed at possibly the nicest youth hostel we've ever stayed at, YHA Ambleside. The building looks like it was townhouses overlooking Lake Windermere. (Oddly enough, I only took pictures from the hostel, not of the hostel) Now it is a rather expansive hostel with plenty of rooms but not plenty of parking.

Our view, with the miniscule parking and the ferry

More of the lake

It was a bit rainy there, so by the last day the water level on the lake had risen enough to bury their little pier.

Our last look out the window

Good luck getting to your boat, mate!

The town of Ambleside was just north of us. We never explored it much because we were distracted by nearby things. A nice fish and chips shop and an ice cream stand are at the end of the parking lot, making for convenient snacking. Also, a small bay provided us glimpses of boats and gaggles of birds to feed with leftover bread.

Strange name for a cool boat

Please, sir, may I have some more?

J feeds the birds

Let us in on the joke!

The small marina also has a wishing well that is run by a local charity. We put some money in because the kids love to drop money off in wells and fountains.

Charity well

Another nearby thing is a Roman fort! More on that in our next post!

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