Monday, October 14, 2013

50 Before 11.75: Mud Pie Making

The National Trust has a program for children called 50 things to do before you're 11 3/4. On a recent trip to Knaresborough we decided to try out #13, "Make a Mudpie," on the River Nidd.

The location was quite picturesque, underneath the lesser bridge leading into town (the most famous bridge is the dramatic rail bridge leading into the middle of town).

A good place for pie

We found a little trail down to the river where J and L harvested the primary ingredients--dirt and water!

Not the poshest shopping in England

Some ducks on the river made a beeline for the children. I bet they thought L and J had some bread. They were sorely disappointed but hung around anyway in hopes of the kids catching on.

Pretty ducks...pretty angry ducks

Walking back up to the bench (which was their oven), J and L prepared their ingredients carefully.

L adds a blend of herbs and spices

Happy pie makers

We parents did not sample their wares since we were headed across the river to the Mother Shipton Inn for a drink and a more edible snack.

It was great to finish one of the 50 things. More things coming in the future! (I know because we already did them!!)

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