Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cunningham Falls State Park--The Lake

We drove out on a cloudy, rainy morning to Cunningham Falls State Park in Thurmont, Maryland. The park has all sorts of activities, including a lake with beach, canoes, and paddle boats. We packed our bathing suits just in case the weather remained good enough to go swimming.

We arrived at the park and drove for about five minutes until we found the beach. The fog had not entirely lifted on Hunting Creek Lake.

Hunting Creek Lake in the morning

Grandpa checked the water and found it favorably warm, even to a Floridian like him. J soon joined him.

Grandpa tests the waters literally

J happy to stand in the watery sand

The nearby playground was too wet for sliding, climbing, etc., so we climbed the hill and went to the trail to the waterfalls.

Playground not dry enough for prime time

After the hike was done, we ate a quick picnic lunch and then headed off to change into swim suits. The beach was starting to fill up with kids and a smattering of adults. People were splashing in the water and digging in the sand.

Grandpa took J out into the water and soon had him splashing around and swimming in the shallow water.

Grandpa gives some pointers

J tries to swim in very shallow waters

Cousin Autumn also gave some swimming pointers, including some diving technique.

J learning to dive or to meditate, not sure which

L spent a lot of time working on a sand castle surrounded by a moat full of water. She also swam in the water. Grandpa was happy to take her under his wing as well.

J takes a break; L takes a mentor

L does the Australian crawl

Pretty soon, Grandpa was in charge of all three children, to the joy of the other parents who were relaxing on the beach chatting about this and that.

Grandpa keeping the kids in line

We soon had mercy on him and came out to help. Actually, we could see how much fun he was having and we wanted to join in.

Everyone joins in the fun

The beach at Cunningham Falls Park is definitely worth the visit! Next up on the blog is our hike to the falls.

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