Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Walking Dead Spin-off Series(es)

AMC announced that they will be developing at least one spin-off from the wildly popular The Walking Dead TV series. At New York Comicon, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman was interviewed by MTV, where they asked if it would be set in space. He confirmed that it would take place on the moon. Maybe he wasn't being serious. The cast of the TV show give their ideas here.

We hear at Zombie Parent's Guide have the real scoop on two new series being developed as part of The Walking Dead franchise:

1.The Walken Dead

The Dogme 95 group wants to get in on the zombie craze. In case you don't know, a group of Danish filmmakers got together and made a pact to "purify filmmaking" by not using special effects (practical, digital, or prosthetic) nor additional sound effects and music (i.e. a soundtrack) nor additional lighting. The location of the filming has to provide all the props, sound, and lighting they need to tell their stories. No fakery whatsoever. They eschew art for the sake of their art. As a result, they will need actors who already look like zombies since they can't use any make-up or prosthetic. The natural star of their show would be the popular actor Christopher Walken:

Get ready to lose that smile! Attribution: John Harrison from wikimedia

The production has been delayed because no actors want to play the roles of humans who will be bitten/eaten by the zombies according to the Dogme 95 restrictions.

2. The Joaquin Dead
A famous star decided to kill his acting career and become a rap star. After several disastrous TV appearances, he decides to revive his dead acting career. But can he do it? Welcome to Joaquin Phoenix in The Joaquin Dead.

Joaquin Cannes 20002 cropped
Who knew his last name would be so appropriate? Attribution: Mimi C. at en.wikipedia

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