Wednesday, October 9, 2013

L and her Tasty Science

L's first experiment with her Tasty Science Kit (thanks, Auntie Rosemary!) was to make candy. She put raspberry flavoring into sugar in a small vial. That was it. Not too impressive but very tasty.

Her second experiment was to make a fizzy drink. This concoction was a little more complicated, requiring help from Mommy. I was on hand to document. First, she put a little baking soda and a little citric acid into her test tube. Then she added some water.

Just add water and watch it go!

The reaction was instantaneous and bubbly water was all over the table in a moment. After a quick clean up (and careful pouring of the rest of the water), we were ready for the next step: adding sugar and raspberry flavoring. The recipe also called for some blue food coloring, but L forewent that step and went straight to stirring.

I need a longer spoon!

After it was mixed, she tried a taste on her little stirring spoon. She proclaimed it good. Then we poured it into a regular glass where she could try a more substantial sip.

Drinking her own elixir

We parents were given sips as well. It tasted a little tart but otherwise was a fine carbonated beverage.

Third was L's blind taste test experiment. She concocted three clear brews: one sweet, one sour, one salty. She had her vials clearly marked, but the people trying them were carefully blindfolded. After her victims put the blindfold on, L would choose a random vial then extract some liquid with a small dropper and drop it into the person's mouth.

L readies her equipment!

The first to try was Autumn. She came through with flying colors though since she was given the sour elixir last the experience ended sourly for her.

Getting the drop on Autumn

Next was Auntie Rosemary's turn. She also preformed admirably, though perhaps she would've preferred a less admiral ending since she finished with the salt water.

Rosemary's turn

Thirdly was Granny, whose tongue was sharp enough to identify all three flavors correctly. Readers may think she had a sweet conclusion but this was not the end of the test.

Granny's go!

Like any proper mad scientist, L did not refrain from experimenting on herself. She did however refrain from tasting salty or sour.

Scientifically sweeter sister!

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  1. Looks like everyone is having fun!
    I guess this proves science can be tasty.