Monday, October 7, 2013

South Mountain Creamery, Maryland

South Mountain Creamery is a dairy farm begun in April 2001 located about half an hour's drive from Frederick. They started with a Ford Explorer delivering to 13 local homes and have grown into a large operation serving multiple states. A small store sells their products to visitors. They also have an area to see the cows being milked and a separate barn to feed calves in the afternoon. We began our visit by the store.

Farm vehicle barn


The milking parlor

We crossed the road to the barn for feeding calves. Over there we saw a great diversity of vehicles--they had red AND green tractors!

Farmall tractor

John Deere tractors

My kind of vehicle

We also saw some free-ranging cows out and about.

Having an afternoon stroll

We walked through the feeding barn but nothing was happening yet since we were half an hour early. We saw a variety of animals in the barn.

Calf with two ear tags!

Chicken and cow

Baby ducks!

Goats too hungry for a photo op

J gets a goat-licking

L does not get a cow-licking

Just outside the barn, we hit paydirt--a playground! J, L, and Cousin A had a grand time for 25 minutes climbing and crawling all over.

Playground and all sorts of trucks and riders

J ready to go in...

...or go up!

Time came for the feeding. We headed back to the barn and picked out some calves. An ATV drove a cart full of milk bottles into the barn. Two farm hands took the bottles to each of the calves. We got to work.

L feeds her calf

After washing up, we headed back to the store. Scoops of ice cream were bought for everyone, except J, who had a cookie. We also bought some cinnamon and brown sugar butter that went well on toast at the next morning's breakfast and a block of monteray jack cheese that was extra yummy.

It was a great visit to the farm!

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