Friday, October 11, 2013

Book Review: The Walking Dead Vol. 18: What Comes After by Robert Kirkman et al.

The Walking Dead Volume 18: What Comes After by Robert Kirkman et al.

 Just in time for the return of the TV show this weekend, I've caught up on the graphic novels!

ZPAA rating

Adults only

Gore level

8 out of 10--Some zombie kills; some zombies used as security around a base, impaled and chained, etc., to keep them in place; lots of views of Carl's gaping eye wound; someone is branded on the face with an iron; human biting another human's arm.

Other offensive content

Lots of f-bombs from Negan, as in every other word out of his mouth; some kissing from various characters; one bordello-like scene with scantily-clad women; bad attitudes all around; lying for the greater good.

How much zombie mythology/content

Zombies used as security guards for a base is a new, practical use for the critters. At least they've done something new with the zombies!

How much fun

No comedy but exciting action and drama.

Synopsis & Review

After an action-packed issue, things are still rolling along swiftly. Rick has a secret plan to find out enough about Negan's operation so his group can take them down. He wants to play it submissive thereby lulling Negan into a false sense of security. Negan shows up and takes his half of their supplies as tribute. Too bad Carl stows away with an automatic rifle in Negan's supply truck. What will Negan do when he finds Carl? What will Rick do when he realize Carl has disappeared? Will Jesus be able to track Negan's pal back to the base and get the critical information they need to take Negan down before it's too late for Carl?

The book is action packed with a lot of development about Negan's character. He seems like he's designed to be as horrifying and psychotic as The Governor from a while back. Negan is extremely unpleasant but is interesting. He had his graphic torture moment in the last book, so hopefully that's over with. His community shows what kind of social derailment can happen when an alpha male is put in charge.

A new ally or two are introduced at the end of the book that brings up some intriguing possibilities. Instead of an alpha male, a medieval king has his own kooky community that may come to the rescue.

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