Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Carroll Creek Riverwalk, Frederick, Maryland

Slicing through the city of Frederick is Carroll Creek which features a pleasant walking path. We wandered along it many times during our stay in town.

Some family members enjoying the river walk

The creek began as a flood-control project, which explains the rather neat and tidy concrete riverbanks. As the area improved, more money was invested in art and commerce, resulting in a very enjoyable walking area on the south end of town.

Going up the creek

A mini-waterfall

The creek has some large and impressive waterlilies.

Lily pads with their planter showing!

More carefully planned natural growth

Another waterfall and the walkway

The kids especially liked the brick walkways since several fountains feed into the main creek from the sides. The spillway into the creek is usually covered by grating but occasionally a crack made for an exciting jumping challenge.

Leaping L!

L proud of her success!

Several sculptures are found along the river with varying degrees of impressiveness. The first we discovered is City Sasquatch made of electrical metal tubing, screws, concrete, and solar light, crafted by Kevin A. Hluch, local resident.
City Sasquatch by Kevin A. Hluch

Windswept is by Svend Bue Rondum in 1998 and has this dedication: "A memory of WINDSWEPT moors and eight friends who love the game. Scotland 1997." No further explanation is given, just the eight names.

Windswept by Svend Bue Rondum

By one of the bridges is a subtle tree sculpture that almost escaped our notice!

Iron tree and electric light!

The bridge is a fancy bit of ironwork and is known as Iron Bridge.

Iron wrought into beauty

Several other pedestrian bridges cross at the downtown area, crafted in many different styles. The most famous of these bridges is the Painted Bridge, which will have its own post next on the blog!

Simple arch bridge

Suspension bridge to library

L headed to the Painted Bridge

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