Monday, September 30, 2013

Frederick Farmers' Market

On Sunday morning after church, we went to the Sunday farmers' market in the heart of Frederick. The market wasn't so big but it still had enough to keep us entertained for a while.

Farmers' Market, Frederick

We saw a booth selling farm-fresh sausage. We bought some to try at our rental house. It was labeled as "hot" but even the mildest tongue among us wasn't put off by it. We used it in a rice dish and found it nicely flavorful.

We also bought some cookies for the kids to eat. They were anxious to eat them. We wanted to finish looking around. The second row of stalls was even more modest than the first, allowing us to finish perusing quickly and get to the cookie eating faster.

More of the market

They had a honey stand but we weren't staying long enough in America to justify a purchase. The produce looked very good at every stand. If the kids were better veg eaters we would have made more purchases.

We walked back down to the river and had our snacks before heading home.

L with the sausages behind her!


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  2. Sadly, I can't find a way to get her out of there. I'll keep working on it...I may have to remove the widget.