Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Storyville Maryland 2013

Revisiting old haunts on our American trip, J insisted one morning that we go to Storyville. Our hotel was only fifteen minutes away, so it seemed like a no-brainer. Plus, Grandpa hadn't ever gone. He needed the experience.

Storyville exterior

We arrived, signed in, and got to the serious business of playing in a world miniaturized for the pre-school crowd.

L immediately climbed the big fake tree and looked out from the tree house. She was soon back down and hanging out in the bear cave behind the tree.

Treehouse window with L in it

Big cheesy smile in the bear cave

Right next to the tree is the local grocery store. L not only shopped there but also worked the checkout.

Weighing her goods

Waiting for a customer

Yeah, groceries to scan!

Inside the grocery store is the post office for Storyville. J took on the role of postman, delivering letters to the various mailboxes scattered throughout the 'ville.

J sorts the mail

Making sure everything measures up

After a hard day of work, the kids headed off to the home for some dinner and relaxation. Grandpa helped out with dinner, mostly by eating it.

J offers "stirfree" vegetables, though the package spells it "stirfry"

L then put the baby to bed before setting up the doll house with a happening party.

L tucks the little one in

Adding lots of people to the ground floor of the doll house

Storyville is a great place to visit. You can get there from anywhere!

M*A*S*H-style sign

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