Saturday, September 7, 2013

Book Review: Locke and Key Vol. 3: Crown of Shadows by Joe Hill et al.

Locke and Key Vol. 3: Crown of Shadows by Joe Hill et al.

The Locke family continues its trials and tribulations. The children try to live a normal life in Lovecraft, Massachusetts, but that is not meant to be. After the lover of their uncle is put in a coma by an accident, their mom goes off to see him and leaves the children alone in Key House. Dodge, the woman from the well, is still snooping around trying to find more of the mystical keys, especially the key to a Black Door that leads to who knows where? A few hints to the past are given as the story goes on and the children are put in all sorts of perils.

The story and the horror are interesting but not as compelling as in previous issues. New keys are discovered that give strange and fantastic powers. They are used by both Dodge and the Locke kids. The powers are nothing I haven't seen before but they are used well to provide excitement, action, and visual flair. The daughter starts to investigate her father's past but not enough is revealed to be satisfying. Presumably it has something to do with Dodge's motivation but what is behind the Black Door is still a complete mystery. The art, as with the other issues, is top-notch.

The book also includes an appendix describing the keys that have been introduced so far, along with some art that seems like it was covers for individual issues.

The book keeps the story moving but the pace is slowing.

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