Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Playgrounds of Frederick

Naturally on any vacation, we have to take the children to local playgrounds. Frederick was no exception. We visited several playgrounds in the town.

The closest to our house was Mullinix Park and Diggs Pool. The children were excited to get to the equipment.

Mullinix Park

L goes for a spin

J goes to the top

J wasn't too satisfied with the playground. He decided it was for older children, "like 15 or 18 years old." The climbers were pretty challenging, so we decided to move on to Baker Park, the big park in town. It has the carillon that performs concerts on Sundays. An amphitheater has performances on evenings and weekends. And there's the playground.

Baker Park

View of fountain and carillon

The playground

L climbed the slide but decided that the metal was too hot to slide down. So she went to a much safer spider climber than they have in England.

L spider climbs!

J tried out some different things including a monkey bar. He just hangs usually, if he wants to cross he needs some help from Mommy or Daddy.

J hangs around

Soon enough J and L reteamed on a climber.

A fun part of the playground

J found a friend here and played plenty of games, mostly tag and chase. Eventually they wound up on a merry-go-round. That was fun until Cousin A showed up and made it even more fun. J managed to climb a small rock, of which he was rightly proud.

Happy to be on top on his own

L enjoyed a see-saw in the park. Kids took turns a lot riding with her though I was only able to get a shot of her on her own.

L waiting for the next customers

Frederick is loaded with lots of fun playgrounds.

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