Saturday, September 14, 2013

Making Cookies with Granny

Living with Granny is great. One of the greatest perks is the cookies she makes. An even bigger perk is getting to help out! One day, J and L joined in making ginger snaps. After mixing up some batter, they got to work shaping the cookies. The first step was putting some lumps on the cookie sheet.

Rolling balls and plopping them on the cookie sheet

The next step was extra fun. The kids had to flatten out the dough balls. They pressed a drinking glass into some sugar and then smashed the balls flat. It's fun work if you can get it.

J flattens some dough

L's two-hand technique

Soon enough, they were ready for the oven. After ten minutes at 350 degrees, we had some yummy treats for dessert!

Finished product

A few days later, chocolate chip cookies were on the menu. J wasn't very interested so L donned the hat and got to work mixing up some wonderful ingredients.

Granny adds the flour

L loves mixing it up!

The dough became harder and harder to mix, so Grandpa and Daddy both took turns cranking the hand-mixer. We missed the electric hand-mixer but one does one's best when traveling. With the dough smooth, L started adding chocolate chips. Unfortunately, this time there were no "finished product" pictures since we finished them off so fast! They were too delicious for pictures.

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