Monday, September 16, 2013

American Playgroup

While we were back in America, we visited with the old playgroup gang. The meeting was at Play N' Learn in Columbia. The store sells outdoor playground equipment for back yards and has a massive room with a bunch of wooden play sets and trampolines on display. The owners had the ingenious idea of letting kids come and play. The cost is minimal ($6 per child) for two hours of running, jumping, climbing, etc. It's cheaper than the movies! I'm not sure where the learning comes in...

J and L were in fine form hanging out with their friends even when they weren't hanging with their friends.

J loves hanging out!

L hangs out

L and some of the girls were trampolining like there was no tomorrow. I took a lot of pictures but as you may imagine it's hard to get good shots of children on trampolines. One or two came out alright.

Gravity? I don't need no stinking gravity!

L has a basketball, because a trampoline isn't enough by itself!

We parents were happy to sit around and catch up on this and that. Two hours flew by fast. After some last group photos, we headed out.

Kids with parents!

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