Monday, September 23, 2013

Book Review: Perseus and Medusa by Blake Hoena et al.

Perseus and Medusa by Blake Hoena and Daniel Perez

This is a fairly faithful retelling of the myths around Greek hero Perseus. A prophecy said that he would cause the death of his grandfather, King Acrisius of Argos. Naturally the king isn't happy about that and sends his daughter and grandson out to sea locked in a chest. They are found and freed by some fishermen who take them in. Perseus has various adventures on the journey that takes him back to Argos where he accidentally kills his grandfather. The main adventure is killing Medusa and taking her head, though he also rescues Ethiopian princess Andromeda from a sea monster and then weds her.

The story is entertaining and well told though it was a bit too scary for L who is only 4 years old. Also, some bits might require explanation, like why the king is banishing them so cruelly. The book has discussion questions, writing prompts, and other resources for school-aged children. It seems aimed at 4th to 8th graders.

Sample from the book:
I'm including this since it made me laugh out loud. It's right after Perseus defeats the sea monster and asks for Andromeda's hand in marriage as a reward. She is willing to marry him but she is promised to another guy, who decides to interrupt the nuptials.

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  1. Capstone is really good at keeping their myth and fairytale books faithful to the originals. I've enjoyed many of them!