Friday, September 27, 2013

Black Hog BBQ and Bar, Frederick, Maryland

Black Hog Barbecue and Bar in Frederick has just the sort of American dining experience we were hoping to have while back in the USA.

Black Hog BBQ and Bar, Frederick, MD

We went as a group, including the zombie family, Granny and Grandpa, cousin A and her parents, and Auntie R. It was decided amongst almost everyone that each family would pay for their own dinner. The decision would keep from fights over the check, though normally for us people would fight over who was treating everyone else!

We arrived and asked for a table for ten. After some dragging by the hostess (and I do mean literally dragging tables around), we were seated. The menu has lots of options--beef brisket, pork, ham, chicken, burgers, slaw, fries, onion rings, corn bread, etc. J had macaroni and cheese. L had a sausage, which was much better than the hot dog she had earlier in the week ("Mummy, why doesn't my sausage taste very good?" "Because it's a hot dog, my dear."). I had the three meat plate with Arkansas barbecue beef brisket, sausage, and barbecue pork. My sides were cornbread and Texas-style pinto beans. It was too luscious to stop and take a picture of, my apologies, dear readers.

Everyone enjoyed their food, especially the corn bread and the Arkansas beef.

J was looking at another camera

And yet another camera

We loved the food so much, the next night we ordered a pound of Arkansas beef, barbecue chicken, and some coleslaw. This food supplemented the leftovers we were trying to finish so the fridge in the rental house would be empty. We were very happy to get another taste and will definitely go back if we are in Frederick again.

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