Monday, September 9, 2013

Thomas A. Dixon Observation Area (and Playground), Glen Burnie, MD

The Thomas A. Dixon Observation Area is part of a system of trails and paved paths around BWI Airport. This particular spot had two attractions for us. It is right across the street from one of the airport runways. And it has a playground.

The Observation Area allows the public to watch planes landing and taking off. We were there at 10:30 on a Monday morning. All the planes were landing. Sometimes two or three would land about a minute. Sometimes a good ten minutes would go by before another plane came in. We enjoyed watching the planes come down nearly on top of our heads.

Incoming plane

In close

About to land

We enjoyed the playground even more. It wasn't too elaborate, but all the other kids were nice. Except for one young boy who was tossing the playground mulch (recycled tires which are soft and environmentally friendly but can heat up with too much sunshine) all over the place. At one point he started tossing them on J. I intervened pretty quickly, telling the boy to stop throwing the mulch at people. J was satisfied; I have no idea where the boy's parent was.

The playground

Another boy made friends with J and they would go on races down the slides. J didn't neglect his sister. He went down the slides with her as well. They even went down on their tummies, sometimes backwards!

L slides alone

L, J, and the naughty boy on the slide

J demonstrates his "belly technique" for Grandpa

J did a lot of climbing too. He found a fun corkscrew climber. In order to get back down, he used the fireman's pole. It made a nice circular route.

J at the top of the screw

J at the top of the fireman's pole

Auntie R came by to visit us and deliver a suitcase we had left in Front Royal at Grandmama's. We enjoyed a few last landings before we headed off to the library.

L watches a Southwest landing

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