Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Collector's House, Frederick, Maryland

For our second week in the USA, we rented a house in Frederick called The Collector's House. It was inexpensive, well-kept, and a lot of fun. We found them through VRBO and were very happy with the experience all around.

The house contains the various collections of the owner's father, hence the name. The living room has a thick binder full of pictures and stories about various items, including the sword and shield used in the Prince Valiant movie from the 1950s.

Just one of the many shelves o' stuff

Some realistic-looking props

The kitchen is well-stocked and we ate in a lot, saving us money and the hassle of having the kids constantly in restaurants. Even so, the house is three or four blocks from many restaurants in the downtown area, including some that will appear later in this blog.

The dining room table is also big enough to accommodate our group (four to five adults and two children, depending on which day), which made for pleasant meals.

Upstairs are plenty of comfy bedrooms which let everyone have their own space. Even J and L had their own room.

Mommy and Daddy got the king room

Granny and Grandpa got the queen room

J and L got the trundle beds

Other family members drifted in and out during the week and had to use the couch downstairs. Until L decided she didn't want to sleep in J's room anymore and she began a take-over of our bed. Cousin A slept with J while L tried to sleep by herself (this photo was taken at 10 p.m.).

King bed for one!

Grandpa and the guys enjoyed the front porch. A couple of beers on a pleasant August evening is quite nice, if you ask me. Especially when L is such a good fetcher of cans!

We would definitely recommend this house for visitors to Frederick.

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