Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Manchester Airport, Most Awesome Airport Ever!

To begin our recent trip to America, we flew out of Manchester Airport in England. We had an hour and a half drive to the airport, which had burned out the activity books we'd brought along and an episode of Phineas and Ferb on the iPad. We were worried about our two hour wait in the airport. What would the kids do? After going through security, we headed to the gate wondering how to keep boredom at bay. Then we saw a glorious thing...

What every airport should have...maybe two in every airport!

We saw a play area in the Budapest Airport that wasn't so impressive. This was J and L heaven, though it did not tire them out enough to sleep on the seven hour flight across the Atlantic. On the other hand, they had a lot of fun and the time to the flight passed very quickly. Definitely a win-win situation for us.

Kids in the airport playground

L poses with her big ball and big cheesy smile

So keep your eyes open at the next airport you take the kids to--there might be a decent playground!

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