Tuesday, September 10, 2013

HoCo Library Summer Reading Program 2013

We came back to America for two weeks--part work, part vacation. I thought it would be a good opportunity to catch up on graphic novels that aren't in the libraries in England, so I reserved some just before coming. The Tuesday after we arrived, we went to the Elkridge Branch of the Howard County Library to pick up the graphic novels and some extra books to read to J and L.

The library has a great children's area with plenty of books to read and some toys and kid-friendly computers. J and L browsed some of the books but soon latched onto the computers. While they played, I checked out some books for them and picked up my reserves. We were just about to leave the library when one of the children's librarians waylaid us.

She asked if we had signed up for the summer reading program. I said no and that we were only in the USA for two weeks. The lady said the program started on June 1 and if we had read to the children ten times since then, they'd qualify to finish the program. We read to them each night so they are certainly overqualified. We signed them up for the program and then filled out the two completion tickets, resulting in a bunch of take-home swag from the library.

"Take-away" is how the Brits would refer to it, and no, the LG TV was not part of the swag

It must be a record for the fastest completion of the program if you count from signing up. Of course, most other Howard County residents have probably already finished it by the end of July, so we didn't feel bad. And we still pay property tax on our Maryland house, so we are funding the library even if we don't currently live in their geography.

J's certificate

So beware visiting the library--you may come home with more than you bargained for!

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