Wednesday, September 4, 2013

At Grandmama's House 2013

During our visit to America, the first place we went was Grandmama's house. We had lots of fun just hanging out at home.

Auntie M and Grandmama both had new outfits for L, which she gladly tried on. Cousin A also had an excellent dress.

L in cool summer fashion

A ready to go to church

Even better than a nice dress, A got to read with J. He's at the point where he can read to her from a lot of early reader books, which was fun for both of them.

J and A read together

L released her artistic talent with a watercolor book Grandmama bought her. Grandmama may have gotten more than she bargained for because she was drafted into the painting process. She was very happy to do so.

L and Grandmama working together

Happy in their work!

We did go out on Sunday for Uncle Ed's birthday to a Teppanyaki restaurant. We had a party of thirteen at a table that was basically a large grill. The chef came and cooked right in front of us. The start of the show was good but made J a little nervous, especially when the chef poured oil all over the grill and lit it on fire to get it ready for cooking. Soon enough, the chef made a small volcano out of some onion rings which amazed everyone.

The flaming volcano bit

The chef was very talented, tossing around his spatula, knife, ingredients, and spices with graceful ease. He even bounced an egg on his spatula several times to our delight. One egg wound up in his hat. At the end of the meal, he had a few scraps left over and asked if anyone wanted to compete in a contest. Having gone to these diners before, I knew what was coming and volunteered first. He took a little bit of chicken and flicked it in the air towards me. I tried to catch it in my mouth but was not successful. He gave me a second chance but it was not meant to be. Several other siblings tried it out. Even J had a go, though his morsel landed on his cheek rather than his tongue. He loved it. A good time was had by all.

Daddy, J, L, and A

Silly trio

The only bad thing is I didn't get a group shot for the blog. Luckily, the restaurant takes such pictures and my sister was able to scan it and send it along.

The family

It was fun to visit Grandmama's house with all the family visiting, but more fun for the kids was Grandmama's playground, which we'll see in the next post.

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