Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kyteler's Inn and Pub, Kilkenny, Ireland

Kyteler's Inn in Kilkenny is a very popular spot, quite old, and full of fascinating history.

Kyteler's Inn

The original owner was Dame Alice le Kyteler, daughter of a Norman banker. She was born in Kilkenny in 1263 and lived a prosperous life. In addition to her rich father, she went through four husbands amassing a fortune. By 1324, those jealous of her success accused her of poisoning her husbands and being a witch. Some nobles helped her escape to England.

Dames are always trouble, just ask Sam Spade

Her maid Petronnella fell under suspicion but sadly she did not have advocates in the nobility. Why Alice didn't take her to England is not explained. Petronnella suffered her mistress's fate--being whipped through the streets and burned at the stake. Alice disappeared from history after she went to England, probably the fate of many Irish lasses who went to the UK.

More appropriate at night?

The inn was a place of merrymaking and fun back then and still continues the tradition. Live music is available almost every night. I went one night and heard a duet that was quite excellent.

Live music and lots of patrons

Here's the musicians in case you couldn't pick them out

The next day, we all went after dinner for some dessert at the Inn. The live music started earlier so we hoped to expose J and L to some good Irish music. Unfortunately the bar area was full so we sat in a side room where echos of the band could be heard.

Medieval room

For dessert, my wife and I ordered sticky toffee pudding and the kids split the hot chocolate muffin with ice cream. J took the muffin and L the ice cream. L seems to have confused it with a fine coffee, because it was good to the last drop to her.

Drinking the less icy cream

In fact, she finished the side of ice cream that came with our sticky toffee and drank it to the last drop as well!

L is awesome!

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