Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ferry from Wales to Ireland

We left from Holyhead, Wales, on a daytime ferry to Dublin, Ireland. We drove onto the boat at 8:15 a.m. for a 8:55 departure. Things went without a hitch. This was our first time taking a car on a large ferry. The kids were excited to drive into the lower decks of the ship (I was excited too). Less exciting was the walk up from the car deck to the people decks which was pretty far. Once there we made many fabulous discoveries.

First, we said goodbye to Wales. This was a little sad for L, as you can see.

Last view of Wales

Happy travelers

What did the wind do to my hair!?!?!

The boat had some nice amenities. In addition to the overpriced cafe and the duty-free shopping, the ship had a small room for kids to play in and one lounge where a free movie was playing. The movie was Oz the Great and Powerful which J was excited to see. L wasn't so interested, so she and I went to the kids' playroom. After half an hour, a lady came in and said there would be some crafts at 10:15 and then a show at 11:15. Once 10:15 rolled around, L and I worked on some knight equipment, which would be part of the show. L and I crafted a sword, shield, and faceplate for a helmet. We went to show Mommy and J, who were suitably impressed.

L ready for the crusades

The movie ended at 11:10, so Mommy and J came back with us to see the show. It was The Sword in the Stone, based on the King Arthur myth of pulling the sword from the stone and eventually becoming king of England. At one point, the lady had all the kids come up in their crafts and introduced them as knights of the realm. Sir L joined the ranks.

L's first play

The lady asked L what heraldic symbols she had on her shield. L gave her the list: marshmallows, hot chocolate, balloons, and a bridge. The meaning of these symbols is unclear but the lady did like the hot chocolate. Soon enough the play was done with much applause for everyone.

Maybe this will be our coat of arms

We went back out on the deck, and behold! Ireland was already there.

Ecce Hibernia!

Getting off was just as easy as getting on and we didn't have any hassle with customs, so our Ireland adventures began right away!

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