Saturday, October 26, 2013

Kilkenny Bits and Bobs

Here are some items that didn't merit their own posts and are gathered up here!

Walking down Abbey Lane in Kilkenny, parts of the old medieval wall are still visible, as is a still used medieval gate.

L and J look like tough Viking invaders

Glad I'm not driving!

The old Courthouse building is still standing but not in use anymore. A sign said it used to be the jail as well.

Kilkenny Courthouse and Jail

Near the castle is a bank building that has been turned into a restaurant and bar called Left Bank which I thought was rather clever.

Left Bank on the right side of the photo

Market Cross is the local market though it is overrun with modern stores. Some gems are still hidden amongst the larger grocers and clothing/shoe stores. The kids enjoyed the flat escalator to the first floor.
Market Cross courtyard

Nearby Market Cross is the town hall called Tholsel. It was built in 1761 with a beautiful exterior that features the town crest and the town clock that chimes on the hour. The building had a major fire in 1985 but has been rebuilt and is used as the archives.


That's a crest!

The tourist information office was formerly the Shee House. Sir Richard Shee had the building built in 1582 as a hospital for the poor. It didn't close until 1895.

Tourist information

Across from the castle is the Kilkenny Design Centre and National Craft Gallery where artisans display their wares for sale. We were afraid to go inside. What if the kids knocked something over and we had to pay for it?!?

Pretty building, though

Kilkenny features a few alleyways off the main road that are picturesque.

Tattos are not allowed on the main road?

Other passages were less welcoming, as in they were guarded by dragons! This is Ireland, after all. St. Patrick got rid of the snakes but not the lizards!

I don't remember bearded dragons in D&D

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