Monday, October 7, 2013

School Returns!

Okay, so it is almost the middle of October...this post is really late!

L has started school. In defense of my lateness, her reception class (think kindergarten, Americans) has a scheme where the oldest 10 students start the first week, the next younger 10 the following week, and the last 10 on the third week. L was in the final group so she started quite a bit after J. She was a little reluctant to give up her free time with Daddy, but I managed to pry her off my leg for her first day of school. We did take some fun photos of L dressed up in her uniform.

L with her big smile!

J tries to out-smile L

Making up

Sweet sibling kiss!

J is enjoying his new class except for the homework! He's only five years old and already he's bringing work home. Luckily it is once a week. He picks it up on Thursday and has to return it by the next Tuesday.

J actually doesn't mind the homework

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