Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Frederick Bits

Here's some of the neat things we saw in Frederick but didn't get their own post.

We saw a covered bridge, but it wasn't a charming countryside one. This bridge is the city-slicker cousin.

The antique advertises itself

L saw the country cousin at the Frederick Visitor Center.

L in Anatomy of a Covered Bridge

She also saw an old-style bicycle. People were not allowed to ride it.

L and the bicycle bigger than her

I was surprised to see a few buildings in town that were still in need of urban renewal.


The City Hall is in great shape with a nice fountain in front.

Frederick City Hall

Frederick City Fountain

We saw many porches with dogs on them. Some were gentle enough to pet!

A sphinx-like pose

L unafraid (probably since he is tied up!)

Many other charming buildings are scattered about town. Truthfully, most buildings in Frederick are good-looking.

Barbara Fritchie House

Frederick's castle!

A charming residence

Frederick museum

Frederick is a nice place to visit and a good hopping-off point to other destinations. Lots of American Civil War battlefields are in the area. We did not think the kids would be interested. Maybe later when they are older we will go back and do more exploring!

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