Friday, November 30, 2012

Advent Chain 2012

My wife thought a good project for the kids would be making an Advent Chain. The project is pretty easy: print out some pages, cut them up into strips, staple the strips into little circles or chain links. You just have to be sure to loop the second strip through the first strip before stapling!  The kids were really excited to use the stapler and carefully kept track of whose turn it was to staple each loop.

Making the chain

Each of the 24 strips has a bible verse and a little ornament for coloring. It starts on December 1, so this year it begins on Advent eve (if there is such a thing), since December 2 is the first Sunday of Advent. Just thought I'd pass it along in case anyone wants a simple and satisfying project to do at home. (Plus it lets me post a picture of the family having fun at home!)

She got the idea from Simcha Fisher's blog. The pdf for printing out the chain is here.

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