Thursday, November 8, 2012

Prague Leftovers

Here's what didn't make it into its own blog post but I thought was worth sharing from our trip to Prague.

There are plenty of churches we didn't get to in Prague, some because they were closed or time was short.

Franciscan Church that was part of the ghost walk

"Old Catholic" church near our hotel

Another random church somewhere in the middle

Also, I did get to see the outside of the Spanish Synagogue, built in 1868 and featuring Moorish decor inside (according to my guide book).

Spanish Synagogue

Some of the restaurants/pubs also caught my eye, especially since the signs were in English and were humorous.

Primate Pub

Mad cow disease probably started here

The town features many murals, including a famous of John Lennon. We didn't see the Lennon one but we saw this one.

Not sure what to make of it

Lucy also demanded a picture in a phone box for some reason.

Phone a friend?

A few other bits of architecture made it too.

Maybe an embassy?

Cut those plants back!

A heavy doorway (I love doors within larger doors for some reason)

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