Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Erzsebet Square, Budapest

Erzesebet Square in Budapest (named after the empress) is not a common site or stop for most tourists, though it does have some interesting items. First is this "water sculpture."

Water sculpture, artist forgotten by the blogger

There was a sign that explained more about the serenity and depth of the artist's work, which made it seem more like art than actually looking at it did.

A better water feature in the square is the fountain of Neptune which was a natural favorite for J.

Neptune lords it over some water nymphs

J and L admire the fountain (and check to see if it's okay to throw in change)

J is ready to swim

Next to the fountain was something even more fun for the children. Have you ever seen those little frames with a bunch of nails where you can put your hand in the back and have the shape of your hand on the other side? Well, they have a five-foot tall version with plastic tubes in this park.

J inspects the Daddy/L impression

Resetting the board for the next people


Nearby is a bit of random fencing with a bunch of locks on it. Their purpose was rather cryptic to me till we did the bus tour of the city. As the bus drove by the park, the recording explained that Lutheran couples after they were married would put a padlock there and throw the key into the Danube from the Elizabeth Bridge which was just down the street. I guess it's a variant on the Heidelberg and Prague bridge locks.

True love on display

The park is a nice location but not a must-see for visiting Budapest.

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