Monday, November 5, 2012

Size Doesn't Matter

Lucy has been helping Mommy make various treats. First she helped make some pizza. Or, I should say, some pizzas. We had enough numbers of pies for a Superbowl party but clearly not enough to actually satisfy said party.  Lucy was quite insistent that this was the proper size for pizzas - just big enough to hold one bell pepper piece.

Yellow pepper pizzas, bite-size for toddlers

Later, she helped Mommy make some cookies since they are always so delicious. They picked a recipe out of a magazine. This is what the photo looked like.

When they were done mixing, baking, and decorating, this is what the final results looked like.

Wrong shape, smaller size, not enough frosting to go around*

Regardless of the size, they did taste delectable. We had some friends over and they loved the cookies as well. Size really doesn't matter!

*Someone might have eaten some of the frosting before it got near the cookies. Whether it was Lucy or your humble blogger I will not divulge.

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