Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Walking Dead, Ep. 304, Killer Within

The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 4: Killer Within

TV rating


ZPAA rating

Teens and up

Gore level

9.5 out of 10--Some zombie kills and decapitations, including a sliced head falling apart; one deer corpse used as a zombie lure, including the deer's heart which we see left on the ground; zombies chowing down on the deer, which we don't see much detail of; zombies chowing down on a human, which we see way too much detail of; impromptu caesarian section with cutting shown.

Other offensive content

Moral quandaries over how to deal with the prisoners; some drinking which leads to a bad decision.

How much zombie mythology/content

Nothing new.

How much fun

This episode is definitely the dramatically heaviest of the series so far.

Synopsis & Review

The episode starts with a mysterious character setting up a zombie lure into the prison, which seems crazy, right? Who would do such a thing? The perpetrator is not immediately revealed. Nor is the betrayal revealed until the prison group is divided in different spots. And they've decided to get rid of the two remaining live prisoners by sending them out on the road. The prisoners begged to be let out of their cell block since they are having a hard time cleaning out the zombies and other corpses. Rick says a deal is a deal, and offers them either the cell block or the road. They reluctantly agree to hit the road. Then the stuff hits the fan and everyone is running for cover from zombies. Lori is caught with her son Carl and Maggie. She starts having contractions and the baby is coming. Meanwhile, everyone else scrambles to get control of the situation.

Back in Woodbury, Andrea is having second thoughts about leaving a nice, secure place. Michonne discovers more evidence that things aren't what they seem and that the National Guard was attacked by someone with guns. Merle shows some more depth as he finds out about his brother's whereabouts and wants to find out more. The Governor does his best to keep everyone in line and in Woodbury. When will this powder keg go off?

This episode was tough to watch, what with the debate about sending the prisoners off to their doom, Lori going into labor, cherished characters dying, lots of gore and sadness. But it is very compelling and I can't wait for next week's episode!

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