Saturday, November 10, 2012

Prague to Budapest by Train

Our last day in Prague became our first day in Budapest via a seven-hour train trip. We took a cab from our hotel to the train station, which was very picturesque on the outside.

One of the three Prague train stations

Inside, it was more mundane, like most other train stations in Europe. There was a floor with shops and money exchanges and fast food and lots of crowds. Above that was the platform area which is not so pretty.

View from our train

On board, we had a long ride. The kids were okay for the most part. they didn't nap which made it a little longer. Luckily the books and the iPad didn't give out before we arrived.

Ready to go!  (Playing with Thomas the Tank Engine conductor kit.  Badge, coins and tickets)

Lucy shows her cousin an activity book

Food is a good entertainer too!

We were seated at the end of one of the cars, the end with the toilet. It was out of order and it started giving out a funky odor. About five hours in, it started seeping some sewage, even though no one was using it. It was rather unpleasant. We chalked it up to a bit of the Communist-era care and efficiency still lingering. We all took turns going to the dining car to get snacks and some fresher air.

The train passed through Slovakia, so we technically were in three new countries on this trip, though we have no passport stamps or other proof (other than there's no way to get from the Czech Republic to Hungary on land without going through another country). I'm not even sure where this church was, other than it is along the way.

Random church in eastern Europe

We arrived after dark and took a cab sent for us to our new apartment. The apartment was large enough to accommodate our family and the cousins too! But that is a story for future posts.

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